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Maliqi: Rama sells his family members for power, not Duman anymore

Maliqi: Rama sells his family members for power, not Duman anymore

The political leader of the Freedom Party in the district of Berat, Lefter Maliqi, has exploded in accusations against Prime Minister Edi Rama, as he said that he is the "head of crime" and that everything in this country is criminalized.

Maliqi, invited to Ora News, said that Rama is selling his family for power and not the head of SPAK Altin Dumani.

"Rama sells his family members for power, not Duman and all these are scenarios of Rama to keep power by force. And it is not for nothing that the internal war has started in the Socialist Party with the Municipality of Tirana.

But both are friends of Soros and the clash is not easy and I believe that all organized crime in Albania will be revealed. Here the house has been built with the money of the Albanians, the mill has been erected. The head of crime in Albania is in Surrel, so what is SPKA doing?! he bribes McGonagall, ambassadors and foreign politicians just to hit the opposition.

Here the scandal overtakes the scandal and he only acts. The situation is alarming, because he used SPAK, he used a part of the opposition and he is happy to do so. And I have said and I say that as a parent I do not want my children to end up outside the country, and we are watching how the country is degrading and bringing in water from all sides and he himself makes fun of the Albanians by depopulating the country and selling Albanian lands to foreigners.

Security in the country has a structure that establishes it, which is the State Police, which does not enjoy the support of the public. Here everything has gone downhill, there are whole groups of criminals who are led by politicians connected to the Government and clashes are constant. Because they made paid tenders, paid murders, you see where Albania has reached, for 10 thousand euros a person is killed as if nothing was wrong. We have mass murders where rival groups eliminate each other.

If in the autumn there is no uncompromising confrontation with the government, this man will not run away from the government, because this man will not run away with votes and the only way is the revolution. Therefore, the entire opposition and the police must unite against these criminals.

After the police directors are all indicted, you saw Oltion Bistri, 3 million euros were seized by SPAk. They have degenerated this country in these 11 years that they have been in power, so we only need an uncompromising confrontation with these criminals", said Lefter Maliqi.

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