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McGonigal, Meta: After his lobbying, mandates were burned, justice reform was blocked and local elections were boycotted

McGonigal, Meta: After his lobbying, mandates were burned, justice reform was

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, has spoken about the McGonigal case. Invited to Fax Neës Meta, he said that the responsibility now belongs to Albanian justice, to reveal to the public what activities McGonigal has carried out in Albania.

 " The investigation into the responsibility of the Albanian side belongs to the Albanian justice, it must communicate with the American justice and there must be a clear report for the public about what it has done.

When it comes to a very high official who managed to secure a benefit where he received favors, he intervened for favors after meeting with the Prime Minister of Albania. It is known that these were clear violations of the ethics of the position held by the American official" , said Meta.

According to Meta, there are also other officials of the Albanian government who have met with McGonigal, who have connections with Prime Minister Rama.

After McGonigal's lobbying, some important decisions have been made, such as the burning of mandates, the blocking of justice reform and the boycott of local elections.

 " Mr. Rama has asked Mr. McGonigal for these services to instigate strikes against all opposing figures, it is clear. After these strikes, an investigation into the DP lobbyist for the 2017 elections has been prompted. There are also other officials who have held meetings with McGonigal who have been connected to the prime minister in pursuit of a divisive agenda towards the opposition. I don't know what to apologize for. Some of the most important decisions were made after McGonigal's lobbying. The burning of the mandates, the blocking of the justice reform, for Rama to control the system and the boycott of the local elections ," said Meta.

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