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Meta reveals the new organization of PL: There will be no chairman, but a president. The posts he entrusted to Djixo and Blushi

Meta reveals the new organization of PL: There will be no chairman, but a

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, has revealed the new structure of the party and the changes that the new statute will bring.

Meta, in a press conference, declared that PL will no longer have a chairman, but a president and that he himself will run.

Work continues on changes to the statute that will bring a new Freedom Party, which will be able to respond to a mafia regime and inspire Albanians in the fight for freedom. We will attack nepotism in the party because it has been a big concern and problem.

"We will deal a blow to provincialism and we will be the most democratic party in Albania, the most organized and the most powerful in terms of execution. In my estimation, PL cannot continue with cacophonous leadership. There will be executive leadership and political leadership. There won't be a chairman, but a president, and obviously I will run" , declared Meta.

He added that the candidate for vice president will be Erisa Xixho, while the post of General Secretary will be entrusted to Tedi Blushi.

"There will be only one vice president, the only candidate is Erisa Xixho. I will entrust the post of General Secretary of PL to Tedi Blushi. Anyone who has a better candidate than Tedi, present him" , said Meta.

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