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"In Italy they triumphed divided", Dashamir Shehi: It seems paradoxical, but the opposition will win

"In Italy they triumphed divided", Dashamir Shehi: It seems

The head of the Movement for National Development, Dashamir Shehi, is convinced that the opposition will win in the 2025 elections.

In an interview for Euronews Albania, he cited Italy as an example where, as he said, they won divided.

"I told you that the opposition wins, in Italy they won divided, it seems like a political paradox. I join the one who carries some problems with him, I invite regular Albanians welcome. Come on, we're taking a different trajectory, we'll finish after the elections according to the report of the forces we've made. When we say we unite, we mean that there are a lot of people who are neither with Basha nor with Berisha.

Even the confederation ended at the Re-establishment, to be realistic. This is a way to take all the players who have an independence on the field and put them in this shirt here.

And the confederation did not bring freedom, but aligned the majority here, so I don't like it and I invite them to make a new journey" , said Shehi.



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