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"In a democracy...the opposition cannot be limited", Pollo addresses Várhelyi: Apply the standard in Albania as well

"In a democracy...the opposition cannot be limited", Pollo addresses

DP National Council member Genc Pollo has reshared a post by Olivér Várhelyi, EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement.

Várhelyi has distributed the letter of the former Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, where the latter asked him at the time to send a message to the Ukrainian government not to allow the violation of rights and discrimination of the Ukrainian opposition.

"As the head of the political party European Solidarity, which is a member of the political family of the EPP and the second largest parliamentary faction in Ukraine, I would ask you to send the relevant messages to the government of Ukraine with the aim of strongly encouraging the authorities to stop the discriminatory practice against opposition parties and to ensure full respect for political pluralism and the rights of the opposition in Ukraine in line with the EU membership criteria" , wrote Poroshenko in the letter addressed to Varhely.

On the other hand, in the redistribution made, Várhelyi writes: "In a functioning democracy, the opposition cannot be limited."

Pollo asks the Neighborhood Commissioner to follow the same standard with candidate countries for EU integration, such as Albania.

"This is right, Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi. Thank you for posting Mr. Poroshenko's letter and concern.

We hope you will apply the same standard to similar situations in other EU candidate countries such as, say, Albania, Serbia, etc.

Thanks in advance, Yours truly,

Genc Pollo" , writes in the post.

For a long time, the Rama government continues to suppress the rights of the opposition, starting from the rejected requests for investigative commissions to the amendment of the existing law for them, the removal of the right to vote in the Assembly and discuss draft laws related to the people, to reach to the imposition of the "house arrest" security measure against the opposition leader Sali Berisha.

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