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DP under denunciation: Roskovec Municipality is giving 20 hectares of agricultural land for a polluting TEC

DP under denunciation: Roskovec Municipality is giving 20 hectares of

The member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party, Eno Bozdo, in a statement from the blue seat, has denounced the Municipality of Roskovec for giving 20 hectares of public agricultural land for the construction of a TPP.

"The socialist municipality of Roskovec wants to hand over 20 hectares of public agricultural land to a private company for the construction of a thermal power plant. It is about an area in the heart of Myzeqe, which is taken from the community and handed over to the private sector!

Indeed this is not just a local project. Such a large energy project has an impact on the whole of Albania and as such must be treated with great attention, to clearly define what is our public interest, especially of the residents and farmers of the Myzeqe area, which affects all from the construction of such a work.

Albanian legislation makes it clear that the opinion of the local community is very important. Moreover, for such an investment that inevitably brings with it environmental pollution, Albania's benefits must be clear and measurable." - declares Bozdo.

Bozdo points out that this whole affair has some big question marks:

1. Why does the Rama government prefer to license a private TPP before putting into operation the public TPP of Vlora, which can be well supplied with TAP gas?

2. What does Albania and especially the farming community of Myzeqe benefit from this project? There is no guarantee that the energy produced will remain in Albania - especially in cases of energy crises, and it is very clear that the farmers of Myzeqe do not benefit from anything other than pollution.

3. Why did the Socialist Municipality of Roskovec not listen to the farmers of Myzeqe, whose farms and production, without any exception, will be affected by the pollution of this power plant?

Bozdo further emphasizes that according to the report of the Socialist Municipality itself, "after accepting the fact that we are dealing with agricultural land where constructions are not allowed, it is expressly stated that the location was chosen because of its proximity to the TAP gas pipeline.

So, the Socialist Municipality is very attentive to the needs and interest of the private investor, but it will not know about the farmers and residents of Myzeqe, whose agricultural production is the only way to survive".

The Democratic Party is not against private investments, even more so in the field of energy, but in this particular case, Bozdo declares that the investor who pollutes gets everything he wants, while the community and Albanians benefit from nothing but environmental pollution.

Bozdo calls on the farmers and residents of Myzeqe to stand up and protest for their rights, just as the residents of Tirana are standing up against the robbery of money by Erjon Veliaj.

"The Socialist Municipality of Roskovec knows this very well. Edi Rama knows it well too. Perhaps it is too much to ask socialists, at any level of their government, to preserve the public interest. Especially when scandals of looting public money break out every day, one more serious than the other.

But we have the right to ask the farmers and residents of Myzeqe to stand up for their rights, for their dignity, for their economy, just as the residents of Tirana are standing up against the robbery of their money by Erjon Veliaj.

We have the obligation to ask the Albanians for national unity to face this great evil, this predatory and suffocating regime for the country.

The Democratic Party will lead the popular revolt!

Therefore O today, O never to protect the interests of Albania and Albanians!" - says Bozdo.

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