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"Albanians will pay 300,000 tickets a year for Vlora airport for passengers who do not come"

"Albanians will pay 300,000 tickets a year for Vlora airport for passengers

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has taken stock of the costs that Albanians will pay from the government's investments.

From the civic gathering, Berisha said that Albanians will pay 300,000 tickets per year for the Vlora airport alone for passengers who do not come. 

Berisha : So, my friends from Edi Rama's 10.1 million tourism earn a handful of traffickers.
A handful of Edi Rama's client friends.
And the citizens earn from their VAT, the most ridiculous amount in the world, 8 million euros.
Albania is the only country on the planet, where tourists sleep only half the night.
This is the tourism of nothing, because in the definition of the World Tourism Organization, a tourist is a person who sleeps at least one night in the place he goes to.
Those who sleep only half the night are Edi Rama's tourists, but not the Albanians.
This is a shame and a black page.
And these people, with the payments they make to Edi Rama, swallow 400 million euros of investments every year in the most criminal way.
These are only for the resorts, because taken as a whole, the terrible penalty for Albanians from tourism exceeds any imagination on earth.
The Llogara tourist tunnel costs Albanians 20,000 euros per tourist bed.
The Llogara tourist tunnel costs Albanians 12,000 euros per inhabitant at the peak of tourism.
Is there a greater punishment for the citizens of this country than a thief who gets away with stealing and stealing? It knows no law and no borders, but it punishes its citizens terribly.
The airport of Vlora, which Ballukja advertises as the largest in the Balkans, and here is the airport of Rinas, the Hochtief company had it, expanded it once and waited 3 years, 4 years and expanded it again. Now the private sector is expanding it again.
But now you build Vlora airport, forcing Albanians to pay for the first year at least 300 thousand passenger tickets that will not come.
Because the contract is that the state will pay the builder every ticket of the 600,000 tickets.
Is there a bigger fine?
Is there any other way to turn tourism into a curse for Albanians from this slanderous race of thieves?
I appeal to the media, do not brand yourself with vulgar propaganda.
Tell the Albanians the truth. Get the economists in the studio to show what I say.
To know how Edi Rama transformed the most fabulous wealth of the Albanians into punishment and curse for the Albanian citizens.
The only hope is you,
therefore, and everyone in the battle to transform this fabulous wealth into goodness for every citizen of this country.
To transform this fabulous wealth into wealth for every citizen of this country.
Long live you, long live Albania!

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