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President / Boçi: Rama has made Alibeaj official as a political realtor, to set conditions for the Democratic Party

President / Boçi: Rama has made Alibeaj official as a political realtor,

The "Re-establishment" negotiator on the issue of the President and MP Luciano Boci accuses the Prime Minister Edi Rama of using Enkelejd Alibeaj as a political realtor to set conditions for the Democratic Party.

In a Facebook post, Boçi writes that a dismissed by the Democrats can not set conditions.

Full post:

"He declares theatrically that he will call the re-establishment group for conditional negotiations !?

A dismissed Democrat can not impose conditions.

He does not take this call seriously and sincerely for the election of the President.

After blowing up the constitutional process for the president, sitting on Rama's lap as his favorite, he is now seeking to appease Rama and sanction the split of the Parliamentary Group into two factions, one of which he owns with a mortgage.

The PD Parliamentary Group is one, not as Mr. Alibeaj., Made of pieces.

His call is made by the group leadership, not an MP.
Mr. Salianji and I, in the capacity of vice-chairman, have insisted on the meeting of the Presidency and the Group, where the return of the dismissed should be sanctioned, but Mr. Alibeaj refused, because he lacked the right to do so.

Today he needs the diversion and repeats the refrain of rejecting Mr. Berisha.
He is thus seeking to legalize himself, his dirty cooperation with Rama, and to seal the rift for the sake of well-known agendas.

"Mr. Alibeaj with his actions has damaged the interest of the Democrats and is saving Rama's face."

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