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Opposition protest, Balliu: We will not stop until Albania has justice like all of Europe

Opposition protest, Balliu: We will not stop until Albania has justice like all

The organizational head of the DP, Klevis Balliu, in his speech at the opposition protest in front of the Tirana municipality, called on the police to arrest the thieves and not deal with the citizens.

Balli's full speech: 

Hello dear supporters!

Our protest continues, the civic resistance continues, even in these hot days, because our battle is not a personal battle, but a civic battle for our city and our country.

Erion Veliaj, lal djegsi,
has been caught red-handed again, stealing your money, and now he transfers it directly to his wife's account.

Veliaj is the ruler who enjoys the suffering of the city, from your sufferings, he is the one who raised your taxes, who added and invented new taxes, so he transfers the money to his wife's account.

Therefore, from the sale of figs, he should move on to the sale of the city, your land, your property.

He accuses the citizens of being violent, he accuses the citizens of being barbarians, as cavemen because he and his millions claim to be more citizens than you.

But this bandit does not understand that citizens are not made by millions, but by principles, by values.

Our principles are love for God, love for nation, love for family.

This god does not exist, he trusts his family as parents 1 and 2,
and for the nation he uses it as an ATM to fill his own pockets.

Today we are the first in emigration and the last in education.
Today we have the highest taxes in the region with the lowest salaries in the region.
This protest is to bring justice to Albania.
We are the only country that when the ruler is caught stealing, the corrupt ruler is not caught, but the whistleblower is caught.

You policeman there, you are the most underpaid in the region.
And you are the only ones in the world who get increased working hours and not wages.
You shout for these police officers who don't get their salaries and not for the elderly

You are the only ones who are not allowed to take vacations by order, so that these thieves can make a show for their propaganda, you stay without vacations and without additional salaries.

Do not ask us to speak for you, when you do not speak for yourself.

Dear friends, I invite you to continue this protest, stronger than ever, more united than ever.

This protest will continue until Albania wins, until Albania becomes like all of Europe

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