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Poor results in the PISA test, Berisha: Rama destroyed the education system in 8 years

Poor results in the PISA test, Berisha: Rama destroyed the education system in 8

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, focused today on the results of Albanian schools in the PISA test, which came last in the region and Europe.

From the civic gathering, Berisha accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of finally destroying the education system in 8 years.

Berisha : Dear friends, every person who calls himself an Albanian, who feels even the slightest obligation to this land, his and his ancestors, must rise with all his strength to become the lord of Albania, today or never. against this gang.
Dear friends, two or three days ago, the Ministry of Anti-Education gave the number of graduates who took the exam this year.
They were a total of 28 thousand throughout Albania, compared to 50 thousand graduates who took the exam in 2013.
Dear friends, if the population decreased in these 8-9 years by over 35 percent, the graduates, the young people of this country, were decreased by 41 percent.
And this figure is sad, this figure is the nation towards extinction.
This figure is a shame for every true Albanian patriot.
Today, the black records for this country have not stopped, but we must tell you that one of the absolute blackest records, one of the most ominous records for this nation was the result published by the OECD of the PISA test for students' creative thinking 15-year-olds.
The 8 black years of Edi Rama's education will be recorded in the memory of time as the years of the final destruction of the education system.
Albanian citizens, the results of testing the creative power of your children's thinking, this main test for the impact of the school on your children, most importantly, where do we come out, as the teacher said?
We come out to the most recent tested country in the world.
We go down to all the countries of the Balkans.
We are 17 points behind Croatia.
We are 17 points behind Slovenia.
We are 16 points behind Serbia.
We are 8 points behind Bulgaria.
We are 6 points apart from Palestine in the war. Dominican Republic. Even the Philippines, even Uzbekistan, every other country is ahead of us.
We are where Edi Rama led Albania, in last place with a total of 13 points.

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