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PISA results, Berisha: They are the most blatant evidence of the destruction and disintegration of the education system

PISA results, Berisha: They are the most blatant evidence of the destruction and

The head of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha has stopped at a press conference this Thursday where the focus is on the dramatic data of the PISA International Assessment Program for the low level that Albanian students have witnessed in reading, mathematics and science.

"PISA is the international program of the organization of developed nations for the assessment of 15-year-old students.
Albania started this program in 2009, but I am here today to express the denunciation, of course, and the deepest regret for the dramatic decline of the indicators on which this periodical study is based, reading, mathematics and science, the three main areas, of students in Albania.

Albania has certainly not been at the levels it should have been in terms of points in this program. But Albania realized a vertical growth during the years 2006-2013. This was her most positive side.
The PISA of 2022, which has 8 years of the famous Renaissance of Albania and 1 year of the previous government, so this is the most complete PISA of a government. 8 to 1.

And this proves dramatic, fatal in many aspects for Albanian education.
This decline, about which Mrs. Sula will talk to you at length, has 2 basic causes.
First, corruption, corruption, corruption.
Second, the transition from education for Albania to education for the party. From teachers for Albania, to the teacher of the party.

These two factors have caused us to go down in all indicators below the level of 2009.
To undo an essential achievement, which in 2018, in points, to pass over 400 points from 470-480 in the fields. It was a promising ascent and this ascent is reversed in a catastrophic way, it drops below the level of 2009 and this is the most flagrant evidence of the destruction, of the disintegration of the education system, from what is a true rebirth of Albania's development .

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