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Recounting in Elbasan, Kaso: There was balancing of the electoral commissions, it brought distortion of the elections

Recounting in Elbasan, Kaso: There was balancing of the electoral commissions,

The opposition has demanded a recount of votes in some polling centers in the country, due to allegations of irregularities in the counting process.

So far, the recount has been completed in 3 voting centers in Elbasan, while the result was the same, while the votes are being counted in Rrogozhina and tomorrow they will be recounted in Belsh.

From the CEC, DP legal affairs secretary Ivi Kaso in an interview on ABC said that as far as Elbasan is concerned, it was part of the demands that the opposition has made.

"The counting and evaluation of the 3 voting centers that was requested in Elbasan, was part of the demands and part of the violations that the opposition had denounced.

It was an important part to see and verify what was raised by citizens and the media on election day.

As we have reported, in these municipalities where electronic voting and counting have been implemented, there have been many problems, and they are not only related to wrong counting, but above all to those that we have seen where a large part of the centers have there was an imbalance of the election commissions, which has brought about a distortion of the will of the elections, where in a large part where the operators should have assisted, they voted for them.

While in one part we saw voters who did not participate in the voting at all, but it was the members who voted for them," said Kaso.

Regarding the recount that is being done for Rrogozhina and the small difference with the SP candidate and also the request not to recognize the prison box, Kaso said that it was requested not to recognize that box because the voters do not meet the legal conditions to vote.

"We technically asked to extract the result of the box in special centers, to extract it from the summary table of the result due to irregularities.

In this center, there are no voters who fulfill the legal conditions to vote, and consequently, the center could not be set up and produce a result.

In most cases, voting was done in prisons before the legislation on special centers was changed," he said.



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