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Salianji today in Apel, Berisha: Rama and Xhafaj want to take his mandate, we will make it an international issue

Salianji today in Apel, Berisha: Rama and Xhafaj want to take his mandate, we

Democratic MP Ervin Salianji will appear today in the court session before the Appeal regarding the "Babale" case. The session will take place at 14:00.

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in a statement to the media, said that the judicial process against Salianji is being carried out by Rama and the mafia group Xhafaj, to take the deputy's mandate. Berisha added that Salianji denounced Geron Xhafaj, the brother of former minister Xhafaj, as wanted by Italian justice.

"The process against deputy Salianji, with which Edi Rama and the Xhafaj mafia group want to take his mandate. This constitutes a complete triumph of Edi Rama's Albanian mafia at every level. Ervin Salianji as a deputy in his battle, which in fact should be done by every deputy, denounced Geron (Agron) Xhafa, a person wanted by Italian justice for being sentenced to seven years in prison of the Bologna network as the leader of the drug traffic of strong", said Berisha.

Berisha said that the DP will also pursue the case of Salianji in international courts, as he spoke with concrete names for the persons who will report.

"We will prosecute Ardi Veliu, the former chief police officer of Fier, the shameful officers who manipulate and falsify evidence. The criminal prosecution of Artan Gjermeni, of Petra Sadushi, who blindly follow only political orders. The Salianji case, the DP will make it an international issue and will never accept that political processes be restored in Albania" , said Berisha.

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