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The situation in Kosovo, Meta: Belgrade blocked the dialogue, Pristina managed it professionally

The situation in Kosovo, Meta: Belgrade blocked the dialogue, Pristina managed

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, commented on the recent developments in the north of Kosovo, where Serbian attacks took the life of officer Afrim Bunjaku.

Meta told Fax News that Belgrade has blocked dialogue with Kosovo, while praising the latter for its attitude towards the serious event.

"Criminal attack in the north of Kosovo against the police and public security, but also against peace in Kosovo and inter-ethnic and religious coexistence. Criminal elements chose a monastery, a holy place to provoke an escalation of violence that could have great consequences but it was professionally managed by the police.

The dialogue has been blocked by Serbia, the government of Kosovo stands by these agreements, we have a evasion on the part of Belgrade, which tries to block its implementation by setting conditions by insisting on implementing a certain element of that agreement", said Meta . .

Asked about the position of official Tirana, Meta said that there is a provocative agenda that prevents Tirana from maintaining a unilateral position.

"I think that the attitudes are clear, here we are not dealing with a situation where we have two guilty parties, here we have one guilty party. The last event showed that Belgrade is not on the side of dialogue, peace, coexistence, but has its own nationalist, provocative agenda that makes it difficult to maintain a unilateral position on the part of official Tirana", added Meta .

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