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McGonigal scandal, Berisha tells who ordered Rama to "disappear"

McGonigal scandal, Berisha tells who ordered Rama to "disappear"

Sali Berisha denounced the silence of important actors in the country regarding the Rama-McGonigal scandal. He emphasized that the leader of a democratic country would never do such an act against the USA.

Berisha does not believe Rama's statements that he "disappeared" for health reasons. He says that according to the information he has, the head of the government flew abroad.

The chief democrat said that Rama remained silent on the orders of the American ambassador to the country, Yuri Kim. According to Berisha, Kim asked Rama not to make any statement.

"I am here today to denounce in front of the Albanians and the international public opinion, the code of silence that some people are applying to the event that has deeply shocked the public opinion of the USA, Albania, Europe and all free countries.

The Edi Rama-McGonigal affair is one of the ugliest affairs, it is an act that could be undertaken by Enver Hoxha, Spiro Koleka, Kim Jong-un and only them.

It is an act that a prime minister of a partner country could never allow himself to undertake against the USA, the most important country in peace security, in the Euro-Atlantic space and in the world. Regarding this shocking event, Edi Rama disappeared for five days with the absolute code of silence.

Edi Rama did not speak a word, he fell ill with the diplomatic flu, other sources say he flew abroad, but one thing is certain; 5 days in a row, at a time when all the world's media mourned his name, unfortunately and Albania's, who had used a former state security officer to bribe the most extraordinary man of the agency planet's most powerful man, FBI counterintelligence chief Charles McGonigal.

Edi Rama is as silent as ever in his life. Completely reliable sources have informed me that in the silence of Edi Rama, governor Yuri Kim has a special role. Which asked him not to make any statement.

These same sources inform that Edi Rama's ridiculous statement to deny his friendship with McGonigal, which even the largest American media is mocking, was a governor's advice," said Berisha.

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