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"Today with Beleri, yesterday with Ndreko of Fier District, Rama remains the gangrene of EU integration!"

"Today with Beleri, yesterday with Ndreko of Fier District, Rama remains

By Petrit Vasili

Today, the Beleri issue has turned into an obstacle for European integration and specifically the process of membership in the European Union.

Greece's veto is a completely surmountable obstacle with Beler's permission to take the oath as the elected Mayor of Himare.

This oath of Beler does not at all prevent the continuation of the judicial process, exactly the same as the oath for the mayors of Edi Rames, who continue their work as mayors even though they are accused in the same way as Beler.

But Rama does not want and constantly hinders EU membership.

Just like ten years ago when he blocked, for more than three years, the three laws that constituted an obligation to obtain the status of a candidate country for the EU, just to elect the Chairman of the Fier District Council as he wanted, he is still doing it today. the same thing with a new reason.

At any time, Edi Rama purposefully and according to a clear blocking strategy creates events that hinder Albania's integration into Europe.

Beleri's case is the same as that of Vangjel Ndreko, the candidate for council chairman for Fier District, that both cases have Edi Ramen as a recidivist blocker.

Once, ten years ago, because of Edi Rames, who wanted to unceremoniously elect a mayor of the District of Fier, Albania lost hundreds of millions of euros in European aid due to the blocking of three laws.

Today, the Beleri issue means that due to Edi Rames, Albania is once again blocked at a very important moment on the road to EU membership.

After years were lost for the opening of negotiations for membership in the EU, due to the eight conditions, which Rama did not fulfill at all, and which were related to free elections, corruption, justice reform, the investigation of files 184 and 339, once again today Rama decides the next obstacle to integration.

The only problem is Edi Rama, neither Greece nor Beleri.

From Fier County to Beleri, the gangrene of Albania's EU integration is and remains Edi Rama!

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