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"The elderly expect an increase in pensions", Vasili: Rama mocks blank bank cards

"The elderly expect an increase in pensions", Vasili: Rama mocks blank

The MP of the Freedom Party, Petrit Vasili, writes on social networks that while pensioners deserve an increase in pensions, Prime Minister Edi Rama makes fun of empty bank cards. Adding that pensioners are not a priority for Rama.


Pensioners deserve a pension increase, Rama makes fun of empty bank cards!
After he took the wheel and the pan only in 2017 and destroyed the Albanian Post with patronage, now he is telling us that the post is to blame and the robbers of the pensioners.
So the public institutions falling into the hands of Edi Rames only degenerate and degrade for shame and turn into rotten hotbeds like mortgages, taxes, etc.
Today, hundreds of thousands of Albanian pensioners suffer a life with very large basic shortages due to very low pensions.
More rightly, they expect a well-deserved increase in their pensions.
Edi Rama, on the other hand, continues to turn a deaf ear and pensioners are not a priority for him.
Edi Rama lies with the bank cards, so that the pensioners receive their pensions in the Bank, but he does not dare to talk about pension increases.
Pensioners have an urgent need for a substantial pension increase, for the removal of VAT for basic foods, for medical services in housing, for covering the payment of medicines, and many other measures, so that they can cope with life.
In many cases, pensioners have health problems, loneliness and extreme poverty, and this requires an urgent response, as time does not wait.
Pensioners need their pensions to go to their homes because many of them are physically unable to leave their homes.
Digitizations for black pages of the services of Edi Rames, we have all seen what a failure they have been, spare the pensioners this cynical and unfaithful nonsense with empty bank cards.
Digitizations for the shame of Edi Rames have created an illegal army of individuals who receive money from pensioners for an application in e-albania.
Edi Rama is proud to steal pensioners with incinerators, concessions and tenders, but he does not increase the pension.
The very serious program of the Freedom Party for pensioners, which is now public and known by everyone, gives a very strong response to the social drama of pensioners and the change in their lives.


Proposals of the Freedom Party
1. Will propose an amendment to the pension law for a benefit in accordance with the amount of contribution of those employees who have contributed to the pension scheme in less than 15 years
2. Will propose an amendment to the pension law for a change in the calculation of the indexation of the amount of pensions considering the increase in the prices of food items
3. I will propose to the Constitutional Court to judge on the violation of the law of pensions by the Government for not indexing the amount of pensions in accordance with the law relevant
4. I will propose to the Constitutional Court after this judgment the full reimbursement of pensioners of the missing increase over the years for 2013-2023

1. Full financial coverage of all drugs used by pensioners and prescribed by medical prescriptions.
2. Coverage of all medical and nursing services in housing for retirees with health problems.
3. Providing priority medical services for pensioners to avoid long waits in health centers or hospitals.
4. Provision of free medical services for rehabilitation and physiotherapy for pensioners with disabling diseases.
5. Free provision of medical materials for the treatment of retired patients at home, as well as medical items (crutches, wheelchairs, orthopedic beds), which enable the movement and life independence of the pensioners.
6. Forced implementation of geriatrics protocols in health centers for retired patients.


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