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Tensions in the Assembly, the US embassy reacts: Constitutional rights should be enforced

Tensions in the Assembly, the US embassy reacts: Constitutional rights should be

In Albania, the embassy of the United States expressed today "concern about the recent developments in the Parliament of Albania". In response to the interest of the Voice of America, for a comment on these developments, which for several weeks have made the normal activity of the country's legislative body impossible, the American embassy points out that "a functional parliament and dialogue between its representatives, are of critical importance to provide services and draft laws in the interest of the Albanian people". The embassy further underlines that "the repeated dysfunction observed during the last months is not in the interest of Albania".

Members of the opposition have chosen to block the sessions of the parliament, but also to obstruct the work of the parliamentary commissions, as a sign of protest against the "violation of constitutional rights" by the majority, which has refused to set up several investigative commissions requested by right-wing deputies. The latter also accuse the socialists of seeking to dictate the "appointments of opposition representatives", referring to the case of the representative in the Special Electoral Reform Commission.

The majority, for its part, has maintained the line that in relation to the investigative commissions, it is respecting the interpretations of the Constitutional Court, and that it is ready to sit down with the opposition, to discuss their object "so that it is in compliance with the Constitution". .

Parliament is currently discussing one of the most important documents, such as the state budget. But the work of the commissions was reduced to conducting online meetings, while yesterday's session, for the approval in principle, was closed with the vote in record time, in less than 5 minutes./VOA


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