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He left Basha's group, Alibeaj: I don't lick what I spit

He left Basha's group, Alibeaj: I don't lick what I spit

Enkelejd Alibeaj, who announced today his departure from Basha's group invited to Nea24's studio, has revealed the reasons that pushed him to this decision.

Alibeaj stated that he has consistently maintained his stance on the case of the chief democrat Sali Berisha, while emphasizing that the party of the former prime minister is a political force of an individual.

He added that PD is a party with an old culture and communist symptoms that does not constitute an offer.

" I have consistently maintained the position that the PD group should have previously held for Mr. Berisha. Events brought us to a test during these 3 years. For this reason, I have considered it a value to be in politics. Attitudes should not change in front of people and I have maintained the same attitude during these 3 years. What I have said so far is my personal opinion. Democrats for me are the original values ​​as the PD was created, a party of hope, the right, that respects the individual, maintains warm relations with the West and is not after idolatry as a Soviet symptom of the past.

PD of Sali Berisha is a party of an individual. Bitter or sweet, it is an individual's party. It is a party that does not know internal democracy, nor rules...this prolonged trial history was basically a disregard for party rules. It is a party with an old culture with communist symptoms. It is not an offer.

I have responsibility, I accept it and I take my share. I don't avoid responsibility and I don't pretend to forget. I don't lick what I spit. Does DP need to undergo the changes I have said, to be able to be attractive, to present a different face. Since '92, PD has not been able to be victorious in electoral episodes. Over time it went from one failure to another. To any sane mind this should have turned on a red light that something was wrong.

The fact that DP for 12 years is still not seen as an alternative and hope, has a big problem. Where was my responsibility as long as I was inside. It was an effort of mine and I happened to be in charge of it for a segment of time. It was my attempt to modernize the party, leave behind the past and perceive what the needs of Albanians are today", he said.

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