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"A group that doesn't exist has the seal", Alizoti: Berisha undisputed leader,

"A group that doesn't exist has the seal", Alizoti: Berisha

The Deputy of the Democratic Party, Tomor Alizoti, invited to "News 24" talked about the situation in the Democratic Party. He said that the stamp of the DP was given to a group that does not exist.

"The protest was very big, Tirana had come to the square. Imagine that those people have come out and this DP is not recognized. All these people in the square are unknown. The leader of DP is Berisha, he is an indisputable leader. The stamp has been assigned to a cluster that does not exist. Berisha is the undisputed leader of the opposition. They investigated him, because they know that he is a very important man in politics in Albania. I'm not a Berishist, I don't like the strong leader, but the fact is that he is a leader. He is so politically strong that when everyone thinks he is done, he rises again. The new leader takes time to be born. The CDU also had Angela Merkel and after her departure, a big void has been created. Citizens have come out in protest, because we have a government that takes care of makeup. Life is not external advertising, it is economics. "Life in Albania and Tirana has become economically unaffordable," said Alizoti.

Tomor Alizoti emphasized that it is a group for Lulzim Basha that says it is the DP. According to him, the people are with Berisha and therefore the court, when it gives the decision on the seal, should be more rational.

"In Albania, people survive. The prices in the country are unaffordable, they are like in developed countries. People came after the opposition, now things must be concrete. We are in an abnormal place. I believe that what has been will continue tomorrow, i.e. the protest in the parliament. People are running outside to eat, it shows that the government has failed. Power in Albania is absolute. I do not see Mr. Basha anywhere. It is a shame that Basha says that I am DP. After what was seen yesterday, Lulzim Basha is not the Democratic Party. Basha is out of time and space. I expect there will be minimal justice. The court sees who the DP is, when there are thousands of people in the square. If the court is serious, it takes the decision to return to reality, it must return to reality. How can you go out with five people and say we are PD. The voters are in Berisha. Sali Berisha has the stake to determine who would be the worthy candidate to be prime minister. If he takes us into consideration, it won't hurt", said Alizoti.

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