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Abuse of tenders, SPAK suspends the prefect of Kukës from office

Abuse of tenders, SPAK suspends the prefect of Kukës from office

Granit Gjana has been suspended from the post of prefect of Kukës. The Special Prosecutor's Office announces that Gjana, when he was the deputy mayor of Kuka Municipality, committed the criminal offense of "Violation of equality in tenders".

According to SPAK, it is about the investigation of the tender for the trading of fuels. In the competition announced for the tenders, Gjana prevented the company "UC" Shpk from qualifying for the tender worth 21,000,0000 ALL.

"From the evidence collected up to this stage of the investigation, reasonable suspicion has been created that the citizen under investigation G. Gj., in the capacity of the deputy mayor of the Kuka Municipality, but with delegated powers as the holder of the Contracting Authority of the Kuka Municipality, has consumed elements of the criminal offense "Violation of the equality of participants in public tenders or auctions", provided by article 258/2 of the Penal Code. This citizen with his inactions, specifically not having the authorization for the trading of fuels at the right time, even though the entity "U. C" shpk, had made the necessary payments and submitted the documentation to the state body according to the law, has prevented the EO from qualifying in the two tender procedures with the object "Fuel Purchase", in the amount of 21,000,000 ALL, organized by the Authority Contractor Kukës Municipality throughout the year 2023. As a result, the citizen under investigation G. Gj. has damaged the legal interests of the legal entity "UC" Shpk, preventing this entity from qualifying for the above procurement procedure" , announces SPAK.

Gjana was appointed as prefect of Kukës, after the departure of Albet Halilaj, as the latter competed in the partial elections for mayor, which were held after the dismissal and arrest of Safet Gjic.

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