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Road accidents in Albania, the police increase monitoring using intelligent tools

Road accidents in Albania, the police increase monitoring using intelligent

Road accidents in our country have become frequent, where even though we are seeing tragic cases in recent times, again vehicle drivers have not been made aware to respect the rules.

In order to prevent accidents, the police have increased monitoring on the country's roads using smart devices, automatic radars, drones, cameras and alcohol testers.

In the announcement made, the police call on citizens to respect the traffic code.


Do not rush to reach your destination as quickly as possible, risking your life and that of other road users, but take care to reach your destination as safely as possible!

Do not perform wrong maneuvers and overtaking on the road, such actions are a potential risk for involvement in road accidents, with consequences for life and health!

Speeding beyond the permitted rates is a threat to life. Protect your life by speeding within the allowed limits!

Stay in line in case of traffic or traffic slows down due to traffic, don't get out of the queue causing a traffic jam!

Use alternative routes on the way back, in cases where there is flow and slowing of movement!

Do not drive if you have consumed alcohol! Use public transport, alcohol kills life!

As soon as you get into the car, fasten your seat belt! Avoid using the mobile phone and in case of emergency, stop the vehicle and make the call!

Driving, wrong passing, not wearing a seat belt, using a mobile phone and driving while intoxicated, are easily verifiable violations through the modern equipment that the Traffic Police already has at its disposal.

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