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EU "slap" Rama: Wages can not be declared, Albania aims at integration

EU "slap" Rama: Wages can not be declared, Albania aims at integration

Prime Minister Edi Rama recently legitimized the wage flow scandal, saying it had a positive impact on the economy and that he could take an initiative aimed at declaring them once a year.

But this initiative for a country aiming to join the EU runs counter to the bloc's legal norms. In a response, the European Commission was clear that the protection of personal data is a fundamental right in the EU.

He noted that the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has strengthened data protection measures and provides individuals with stronger rights, increased transparency and makes data holders more responsible.

Euroactiv writes that the EC has said: "The EU recalls that Albania is committed to adopting a revised law on personal data protection, in line with the EU acquis, including the GDPR during 2022".

The EU executive went on to say that under the GDPR any draft rules or legislation that provide for the processing of personal data and affect the right to privacy must first be subject to an assessment of their necessity and compatibility with the stated objectives and proportionality. , with due regard for alternative options.

In other words, the government cannot simply start publishing people's personal data based on the National Counsel's response.



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