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Begaj hosts a delegation of arborists for the celebration of the 580th anniversary of the Treaty of Lezha

Begaj hosts a delegation of arborists for the celebration of the 580th

President Bajram Begaj received a delegation of arborists from Italy in the Presidency, within the framework of the 580th anniversary of the Treaty of Lezha.

Begaj invited to the meeting leaders of municipalities and municipalities where the people of Arbëresh live, cultural personalities and entrepreneurs.

In his speech during the meeting with the people of Arbëresh, Begaj said that this day celebrates the moment when our national hero, Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu, together with the representatives of the Albanian provinces, united and gave their faith to each other to face the challenges of the time.

"Welcome to your home! This is the institution of the President of the Republic and you are at home. It is a pleasure to welcome you today in Albania. We are a small country with a big heart. We have the same generosity, hospitality, and values ​​as our friend Italy, which became your new home 6 centuries ago, while for Albanians after the 90s, Italy is their second home. Thank you for coming on this special day. 580 years ago, the National Hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu and all the representatives from the various Albanian provinces united and pledged allegiance in difficult days to face the various challenges of the time. Today is a special day to remember that moment due to the fact that our new challenges are faced together not only for us as compatriots and patriots but also with our partners.

We are living in difficult times. We just came out of a pandemic period. War is going on in Ukraine, unpleasant situation in the Middle East and this requires us to be together to solve things. I think that today is a special day to thank our friend Italy, as it gave you, your ancestors, the opportunity to keep the Albanian values, culture, identity, and language alive. Friendly Italy has been close to Albania during its difficult periods. And currently she is Albania's best advocate for its EU membership journey. Very good political relations have been translated into very good economic relations" , said Begaj.

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