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"I believed in his honesty", former SP deputy: Why did I support Këlliç during the elections

"I believed in his honesty", former SP deputy: Why did I support

The candidate of the "Together We Win" coalition for the municipality of Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, ran against Erion Veliaj in the local elections of May 14.

His biggest support has been his family, as he stated in the speeches he gave during the campaign. Among them is the former member of the SP Ledi Shamku Shkreli, once a member of the Socialist Party, the mother of his fiancee, Ana.

Invited to "ABC News", she showed that she supported Kelliç because she believed in his nature and vision, but also because they have many similarities in the ideas for the emancipation of the country. But she also added that even though she has leftist beliefs, this has not affected her relationship with Kelliçi.

"I believed in his honesty", former SP deputy: Why did I support

" He had my support in the race, because I believed in his honesty. I know him and especially I believed in his democratic nature. At this point we are very similar, but maybe we are from Tyrons. Joking.

He is a very well-educated guy, very modern in his visions, and I followed his every offer carefully. They are all offers that benefit the city and the city community. So in a way, I support and I don't take sides. We have often discussed, he does not need me. I do not believe that we are in conditions to criticize each other.

We are often friends in conversations and our conversations have always been about how much community this city has, how inclusive this city is, how heterogeneity this city has, what is the role of women in its political vision. I was very happy when I saw that he is very emancipated at this point and what is the role of the weakest in this city, minorities, minorities, impossible people, etc. When I entered politics, my prime minister's slogan was 'Beyond left and right', do you remember? I have always believed in this slogan and I continue to believe that in this country the public good and especially democracy lies beyond the left and the right, " said Shamku in her speech. 


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