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Bushati 'explodes' towards diplomats: We will not listen to their whispers, they go shopping for 3 years and leave

Bushati 'explodes' towards diplomats: We will not listen to their

Analyst Andi Bushati has spoken harshly as he referred to the influence of foreign Western and American diplomats in Albania.

Invited to the studio of 'Open' in News 24, Bushati said that all diplomats are passers-by and that listening to the opinions of those who are passers-by does not make us a pro-Western country.

The analyst said that there is a big gap between being on the side of the West and those who are servile, while emphasizing the fact that what diplomats say should not always be taken into account.

"I agree and believe those who have this pro-Western discourse, but what pro-Western? Undoubtedly to be in NATO, to impose sanctions on Russia, here we are pro-Western. But listen, forgive me for the expression, the whores of every diplomat who comes, bargains for three years and leaves, we are neither for nor against the West.

Who would have thought that Berisha would put George Bush in office? None! Who believed that today's American champion Edi Rama, 9 years ago, declared that he was feeding anti-American cells? All passing diplomats, these should be told and not when we think we are right. But if most Albanians are to keep the pro-Western axis, yes definitely!

"But between being pro-Western and b * thlëpirë, there is a big gap and being in favor of the first, does not justify the second" , said Bushati.

The American ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim, has often been criticized for her interference in the internal affairs of Albanian politics, especially in the situation of the Democratic Party.

Well-known politicians, analysts and diplomats have expressed that the ambassador should not interfere in the internal politics of a party, should not be one-sided, but neutral. Kim is also considered a 'right wing' as the ambassador has always spared criticism for the Rama government.

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