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Which minority do Albanians accept the most?

Which minority do Albanians accept the most?

The majority of Albanians recognize Roma (98.2%), Egyptians (92%), Greeks (84.1%), Aromanians (66.2%) and Macedonians (63.7%) as national minorities.

The other four ethnic minorities recognized by Albanian law are less recognized by citizens. Respectively Bulgarians (46%), Bosniaks (42%), Montenegrins (32%) and Serbs (24%).

Albanians are open to ethnic minorities based on ethnicity. Over 90% of all Albanians accept a person from the Greek minority in their social or professional circle. Fewer are (78.6%) who would agree to marry a member of this minority.

The Aromanian minority also appears to be accepted by the vast majority of Albanians.

More than three quarters (78%) of Albanian citizens would accept an Aromanian near their family or work. Three in five (59%) Albanians would even marry an Aromanian.

The Roma community is accepted by at least three in five (62%) Albanians, both in family and profession. Only 19% of Albanians would accept a marital relationship with a Roma minority person.

Even towards the Egyptian minority, Albanians are generally open.

At least three in five Albanians (60%) accept them as friends, neighbors, colleagues or teachers and doctors of their family. Almost one in five (18.5%) Albanians would even marry a person from this community. Euronews Albania



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