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RAI3 documentary/ Hoxha: The journalist had even stronger accusations

RAI3 documentary/ Hoxha: The journalist had even stronger accusations

Journalist Artan Hoxha, in the show "Te Paespozuarit" on MCN TV, spoke about the documentary published on Italian television Rai 3, which talked about the Rama-Meloni agreement for refugees, but also about organized crime and suspected links between crime and power at the highest levels.

The journalist of the chronicle said that the purpose of the documentary was to examine a number of problems in Albania, mainly well-known and widely discussed events in Albania. 

Hoxha said that the journalist was also informed about more serious events but chose not to publish them.

"The journalist has been here for a long time. I published photos and videos with him. What has attracted attention is that in an Italian public media, a series of problems that Albania has had during the last decade have been grouped and systematized. The journalist was in Albania a month ago. He has interviewed many people. Berisha, Mr. Basha, also spoke, but he asked for an interview with the prime minister, but he could not do it. When the dignitaries were received at the Summit, he asked about Bechet. He also asked professionals from different fields to get information. Here is also Mr. Beci's interview, which should definitely have been used. It just made the shift and the timeline so that there is a line. It was a documentary of about an hour and aims to inform Italian citizens.

Genesis is a decision of the Italian government, so why did the Italian government make such a secret and high-cost decision, it does not bring good things to Italy. He says that Rama benefits from this agreement, which has offered to honor an EU country, but in fact it is the opposite. Then he goes on to say that this agreement should not have been made with Rama, because he is an unreliable partner. He says the agreement was made under the influence of Úngjëll Agac, who has a past as a lawyer in Italy, has been a lawyer for the characters of the world of crime, who were extradited to Albania and then their sentences were reduced. Did this happen when Agaci became Secretary? Agaci himself has said that he will file a lawsuit. At the beginning, when Mr. Rama came as prime minister, he came with the image of attacking organized crime, he took the former anti-mafia boss into the organization, but he never asked him.

I was also interviewed by the journalist. He got a lot of information to make the documentary. He received even stronger denunciations than the ones he issued, but he decided that the ones he introduced were proven. Another documentary will probably make the rest", said Hoxha, among other things.

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