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The "5D" file, the journalist: The directors of the municipality are shareholders in luxury hotels

The "5D" file, the journalist: The directors of the municipality are

The directors of the municipality of Tirana, some of whom have been arrested, following accusations by SPAK, have not only invested in Tirana, but also in tourist areas.

In the studio of the show "The Unexposed" on MCN TV, journalist Ola Xama said that the directors of the municipality of Tirana, Elvin Tivari and Redi Molla, are shareholders in the hotel "La Brisa" in Dhërmi. 

"The hotel in Dhërmi "La Brissa" started construction at the end of 2021 and was completed in June 2022. It was built without a building permit and without being registered as a business in the National Center of Binzesi.

The La Brissa company is owned in 60% of the shares by Fatos Malaj (Brother of the mayor of Mati) and 40% by Elvin Tivari, business partner with Redi Molla and department director at UKT and Tirana DC at the time when Redi Molla was administrator.

The hotel in Dhërmi was built by the ABG company owned by Durim Mustafaj and for the interior works LUEM Trade& Konstruksion and by Arlis Ndërtim, a company owned by Armand Lilos, favored by the Municipality of Tirana in order not to pay the soil deposit fee in the Sharra landfill .

It is suspected that the de facto owner of this hotel is Redi Molla and Fatos and Agron Malaj. According to some financial movements, the ABG company of Durim Mustafaj (who was at the time of Redi Molla the water supply director of Tirana) has not received the payment for the works carried out in the amount of 630 thousand euros for the hotel and to return this money to a tender worth 3 million euros was awarded by Mat Municipality.

It turns out that the company "Global Security" in the name of Fatos Malaj, (the brother of the mayor of Mat) has received 15 tenders from the Municipality of Tirana and its dependent institutions with a total value of 35 million euros, where in 13 procedures it has been selected by Water of Tirana at the time it was directed by Redi Molla.

The company "Global Security" also turns out to have concluded an agreement with the company Integrated Energy Bv SPV (the concessionaire of the Tirana incinerator) to perform the physical security service of the landfill and is paid 32 thousand euros per month.

Redi Molla together with Elvin Tivar have extended their activity to restaurants, where they have opened a luxury restaurant in the area of ​​the former block, "Di Gaia" and "4 stinët" and are co-investors in the Hotel in Durrës. The plans are to build another hotel in Dhërmi next door named "La Brisa 2".

Other money has also been invested in the construction industry. Through the company 5D Konstruksion, in March 2021, they started the construction of a 9-story building on "Joklin Persi" street in Yzberisht. On April 14, 2022, they started construction on "Kahreman Ylli" street in Kinostudio for an 8-story building, and on June 14, 2023, they started construction for a 9-story building near the 5 Maji neighborhood," said Xama.

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