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Express UK: How crime gangs pass drug money from Britain to Albania

Express UK: How crime gangs pass drug money from Britain to Albania

"Express UK" has dedicated an article to the criminal groups involved in money laundering in Albania.

"According to police, money believed to have in some cases been generated by the distribution of cocaine and cannabis is being moved out of Britain in vans to be laundered in properties and businesses," the article said.

Express UK writes : Our investigation revealed that four suspected members of an organized crime group, specializing in smuggling criminal money from Britain to Albania, were arrested this month.

An NCA spokesman said: "Officers believe the group is operating under the guise of a legitimate courier company."

On 13 April, an Albanian national, aged 48, was arrested in Dover when £200,000 was seized from his vehicle.

On the same day, two men, aged 34 and 22, and a 17-year-old were arrested in Tottenham Hale, north London, when around £150,000 was seized.

The investigation began in February 2022 after Border Force officials detained an Albanian citizen for a search.

Inside his van, bound for Tirana, officers found £390,000.

A further £150,000 was found at his home in Haringey.

Albanian crime gangs are using courier firms registered in the UK to transport money to their homeland.

A Sunday Express investigation revealed that several courier companies registered with Companies House are run by Albanian nationals.

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