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The lawyer of the father who was accused of sexual abuse speaks: the 15-year-old girl slandered that he had blocked her phone

The lawyer of the father who was accused of sexual abuse speaks: the 15-year-old

The Court of Durrës has imposed a prison sentence for Bledar Roko, who is suspected of abusing his 15-year-old minor daughter.

The expertise showed that the girl was not sexually abused and then admitted that she had accused her father, after the latter had seen some messages with a friend on the phone.

Roko's lawyer said that according to the medical-legal expertise, the girl turned out to be a virgin, so no sexual abuse was committed against her. He added that the girl's accusations come after her relationship with her father was strained because he had forbidden her to talk on the phone for days.

"They gave up that the papers were drawn up by the Kavaja police and they were told to sign them. It happened at a time when the girl had a conflict with her father because he did not allow her to communicate on the phone for days after finding inappropriate conversations with a friend of hers. This has led the girl to slander her father ," he said.

The lawyer said that the girl consulted her mother before talking to the psychologist where she slandered her father.

Mother and daughter did not attend the court session.

"I think it was done unilaterally, so as not to administer the statements regarding the truth of the event. Only those parts involving the father were taken. In the defense session, they stated that this happened during a quarrel with their father. It would be good if she had participated in the session today. It turned out that it is not declared. But this matter was not administered, the brother was also asked, he denied it, but it was not administered because they are not interested", he added.

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