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PHOTO/ This is the worker who fell from the 7th floor in Tirana

PHOTO/ This is the worker who fell from the 7th floor in Tirana

The person you see in the photo is 53-year-old Adrian Fejzullahu, who died this Monday morning by falling from the 7th floor in the area of ​​the former Kinostudio.

Fejzullahu had only been part of the construction team for 5 days, as he was lifting buckets of mortar when he fell from the height of the palace, which from a simple observation has neither nets nor scaffolding.

Adriani and his wife lived in Greece and recently returned to live in Albania. They had no children and lived with his brother in Shkoza.

Leonard Fejzullahu, the brother of the victim, in a statement for Report TV, says that they filed a report at the police station and that so far two people have been arrested, according to him, the owner and the technician of the firm.

He says that the owner's father went to his house and expressed his willingness to cover the expenses of the funeral ceremony, but he refused. Fejzullah calls for justice for his brother.


Question: How did you learn about the event?

The ambulance driver called me from my brother's phone. My brother had his phone in his pocket, they opened his phone and took me. They saw my number after I had called them earlier on the mobile phone. He has worked in construction all his life, but he worked for that company for a week.

Question: You said that they also called you to the morgue?

The ambulance driver called me and said he is in a serious condition. I said should I come to the hospital? No, he said wait for me at home. He came and took me here, then on the way he told me that he is dead. When I went I found him dead, he had become a salad, hemorrhaging internally.


Q: Was he insured at work?

They say that he was allegedly insured, but how do we know, that's what they say.


Q: What are you looking for as a family?

"We demand justice from the state."


Q: Did you try to talk to the owner of the firm?

"The owner was taken by the police. We went and filed a report at police station no. 4, then the owner and the technician were arrested by the police. The owner's father came to our house and told us that we will take care of the expenses. No, I don't need expenses, I need justice. The brother is survived by his wife and 80-year-old mother. I don't know his name because he didn't introduce himself, he said I'm the father of the owner of the firm. He said I will cover the expenses, I told him I don't need it. I didn't find a single person from the construction company at the morgue."

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