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"Dielli" newspaper: The bending of Rama's name in the "McGonigal" file harms Albanian-American relations

"Dielli" newspaper: The bending of Rama's name in the

The arrest of former FBI official Charles McGonigal on charges of violating US sanctions against Russia by working for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and the inclusion of the name of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania in this affair of espionage, favors and suspicious payments constitute a international scandal, among the biggest in the modern history of the Albanian state.

After this espionage file that is making a big splash, at least the law enforcement agencies and especially the SPAK in Albania should have started investigations against Prime Minister Rama and the latter should have resigned immediately after the scandal.

The President of the Republic, Mr. Begaj, must convene the National Security Council to clarify the involvement of the Prime Minister of the Republic in this very serious and scandalous story. The bending of Prime Minister Rama in this black affair is a big scandal.

Cursing Rama's name in this terrible file first of all damages Albanian-American relations, the trust and investment of the USA in Albania, the alliance and strategic partnership between two friendly and allied countries. If the allegations are true, it would be a dirty treason and disloyalty to America.

This issue causes incalculable damage and long-term consequences for the Albanian people. The cursing of Prime Minister Rama's name has seriously damaged the image, interests and national security of the Republic of Albania, the United States of America and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Prime Minister must give public clarifications that: What does the name of the Prime Minister of a NATO country require in this file? Who are the inappropriate persons with whom the prime minister of a NATO country meets when he comes to the USA?

Illegality and use through corrupt payments to employees of US secret service agencies for the elimination of political opponents in Albania and how was this money transferred? Prime Minister Rama's connection with the persons and exponents of the file? Rama and the "golden passports" in Albania, strategic investors and the fiscal amnesty link the Prime Minister of Albania Rama with great suspicions of money laundering and dangerous persons who will take over Albania. Albania in the abyss, the nation in danger.

The adventures of Prime Minister Rama are a national threat. If there were law-enforcement institutions in Albania, if SPAK will show that it is not caught politically, Rama should be investigated before justice at this moment. But who will do justice in Albania? All constitutional institutions are under the control and direction of the party-state. Institutional monism. Albania in danger... Taken from the newspaper 'Dielli'

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