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The immigrant is found dead in Drenova

The immigrant is found dead in Drenova

An immigrant from Eastern countries was found dead this morning. The immigrant was found in the village of Drenovë in Korça.

According to the information, the immigrant's body was found by the residents of the village, who then notified the police.

Forensic experts examining the immigrant's body found no signs of violence.

"On 18.04.2024, around 06:40, in the village of Drenovë, Korçë, on the road, a foreign citizen (suspected immigrant from Third Countries) around 25-30 years old was found dead.

From the preliminary examination of the victim's body, no signs of violence were found and it is suspected that this citizen may have lost his life due to natural causes. A forensic examination is awaited to determine the cause of death.

The investigative group continues its work to fully clarify the circumstances of the event ," the police announced.

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