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The Tirana criminal group is hit, 10 firearms that were trafficked from Kosovo to Tirana are seized

The Tirana criminal group is hit, 10 firearms that were trafficked from Kosovo

The police have busted a criminal group that was involved in the trafficking of firearms.

Four people were arrested red-handed in Lundër, who in cooperation with each other trafficked weapons from Kosovo to Tirana.

The police seized 10 firearms.

"The Section for the Investigation of Illegal Traffic, in cooperation with the Section for Special Operations at the Tirana DVP, in the framework of a criminal proceeding followed by special investigation methods, under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction Tirana, as well as in implementation of the measures of the operational plan "Rule of Law", the coded operation "Carrier 2" was finalized.

During the operation, in the parking lot of a bus terminal in Lundre, citizens were caught and arrested in the act: BK, 28 years old, B. Sh., 20 years old, E. Th., 25 years old, and MK, 20 years old, all resident in Kosovo.   

The citizen BK is suspected of having put on the bus with the driver citizen E. Th., a bag inside which 10 firearms, pistols, 10 combs and a quantity of military ammunition were found. Afterwards, the BK citizen, in cooperation with the MK citizen, followed the bus with their vehicle, throughout the route.

From the verifications carried out, it was found that the firearms were trafficked in Tirana, with the aim of selling them at values ​​of 1,500-3,000 euros. From the verifications carried out, it is suspected that the owner of the bus line, citizen E. Th., together with other citizens, has trafficked firearms to Albania, in several cases.    

As material evidence, 10 firearms, pistols, combs and combat ammunition, 1 vehicle and 5 cell phones were seized ," the police announced.

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