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Tahir's wife with the company, the journalist takes out the documents: Having a "crisis" and being a businessman, as if it doesn't work

Tahir's wife with the company, the journalist takes out the documents:


The former Minister of the Interior, Saimir Tahiri, was released on bail on Friday, after the court of Elbasani assigned him the security measure of "house arrest" to continue his sentence of 1 year and 8 months.

Tahiri submitted to the court two expert reports according to which the ex-minister's wife suffers from an illness and is unable to take care of the children, so Tahiri asked for release.

Journalist Flamur Vezaj has shared in a post on Facebook, some data and financial statements received at the KKB, according to which Tahir's wife turns out to be a businessman in an active company.

Vezaj writes that Tahir's wife, whom the former minister and the lawyer said suffers from an ailment, turns out to be a businesswoman in a company called "HTC GROUP" which offers medical services to foreign citizens such as teeth correction or planting hair.

The journalist says that the company where Tahir's wife is a businesswoman turns out to be active, even quite profitable according to the reports of KKB.


Tahiri, the businesswoman but with crises, is released!!

The reformed court has released the champion of "success" Saimir Tahir, also known as the champion of the "greening" of the orbital forest like Albania! The reason, referring to the media, is the wife's critical health problems and the "champion" Tahiri will take care of the children! Very well done, exemplary father to jail and his wife's past!

But according to the KKB, Tahir's wife is a successful businesswoman with the company "HTC GROUP" or "Health Tourism Albania" in other words, a company that offers medical tourism to foreign citizens! Hair transplantation, teeth straightening, surrogacy (wombs for rent), other medical services since 2018 and many, many other services! As you can see in the CCA, this company is active and profitable according to financial statements over the years! And according to a logic, having a "health crisis" and being a successful businesswoman seems to be wrong!

However, Tahiri, like many other "strong" people, has found "convincing" reasons for the reformed judge to grant him freedom! Since he received the nickname of "strong" from society before and during the "strongest" prison! Especially upon entering the prison, since the evil mouths say that he had made friends with Safet Bajri, the famous organized crime in Shkodra and not only! And this company and the nickname of "strong" is enough for the reformed judges to be released!

But SPAK or the Tirana prosecutor's office, what have they done for the property investigation of the "champion" of greening, his wife and other family members!??? Nothing! So I'm not surprised that he released them, since the "strong" or powerful people who have knowledge have always found procedural and health reasons to get me out of prison! It is a practice that continues in Albania!

PS who wants a copy of the KKB, you have it online or here I am

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