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SPAK's investigation against Veliaj? The constitutionalist clarifies: He is a person under investigation, there is no room for doubt

SPAK's investigation against Veliaj? The constitutionalist clarifies: He is

Constitutionalist Jordan Daci has clarified from the legal point of view the document that has been circulated in the media, which mentions the name of the head of the municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, as a person under investigation. 

Invited to Opinion, Daci said that the information requested leaves no room for doubt that Veliaj is a person under investigation.

Excerpts from the conversation: 

Jordan Daci: The type of information requested and that letter leave no room for doubt that he is a person under investigation. It could definitely be the Incinerators thing, but it could be a whole other thing that we don't know about. But it is not necessarily a wealth investigation.

Blendi Fevziu: Does SPAK or any prosecutor have the right to initiate a criminal case without notifying the person?

Jordan Daci: Albanian legislation does not define an obligation for the prosecutor to make a notification. In fact, in most cases it is done precisely to avoid being found out... Do not influence the investigation!

Blendi Fevziu: How does the Prosecutor's Office start the criminal proceedings in this case?

Jordan Daci: Property investigation could be concealment or non-declaration of it...But it could be another investigation that includes verifications of the financial character.

Blendi Fevziu: If it is abuse of duty, what does it have to do with the property investigation?

Jordan Daci: Because the abuse is done for monetary gain, in most cases. This document shows that there is an investigation, that's clear!

Blendi Fevziu: Why does SPAK not confirm or deny the document?

Jordan Daci: It is part of the strategy he has chosen to conduct the investigation.

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