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Hoxha: There was a great fight to avoid the handcuffing of Dako

Hoxha: There was a great fight to avoid the handcuffing of Dako

Journalist Artan Hoxha commented on the arrest of the former Mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako.

Invited to Opinion, Hoxha said that he "fought a great fight to avoid being handcuffed".

"There has been a great struggle to avoid this very thing: handcuffing. And it could be investigated at large and it is legal. He could be investigated under mandatory appearance, you could take his passport. There are 100 other ways that are provided by law. But why do we go to the final? So to extreme measures of arrest? Because the extreme measure in this case, even though the accusation is abuse of duty... there has been a lot of noise these days, Tahiri said.

Tahiri was not even convicted for cultivating cannabis, but for abuse of office. Today, as a republic, we do not have a decision to tell us who cannabisized Albania in 2016. Zero. In this particular case, when this did not happen in the first case, all this noise with Tahir was made because he decided to use cannabis. Meanwhile, there is an accusation of abuse of office.

Meanwhile, Dako considers the accusation to be minimal, compared to the extreme security measure. We have similar cases that are under investigation, but no extreme measures have been taken. Today's news is not the fact that the case against Vangjush Dako has started, today's news is the fact that Vangjush Dako has been detained", said Hoxha.


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