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7.8 magnitude earthquake, Albanian journalist reports from Turkey: I can't describe the horror. Strong swings are expected in the future

7.8 magnitude earthquake, Albanian journalist reports from Turkey: I can't

Albanian journalist Sokol Brahaj reported from Turkey and described the situation created after the strong earthquake of 7.8 magnitude, leaving behind thousands of victims and injured.

In a direct link to "Top Story" he said that terror is felt everywhere in the southeast of Turkey, where about 20 million inhabitants have been left out of their unsafe homes already after the powerful earthquakes of the last 24 hours.

He said that seismologists have warned that other strong earthquakes are expected in the future as aftershocks, while all search and rescue groups have been sent to the field.

" More than 90 earthquakes of magnitude 5 and above have occurred. An unpredictable horror that I cannot express. Seismologists in this area have studied it, a big earthquake was expected in that area. According to them, it is expected that there will be no small shocks for weeks.

The government's management is at its best, all of Ankara has been directed there, the ministers, the president has given his directives. Search and rescue forces have been directed there, the area is the size of the map of England. 20 million inhabitants, no one enters their apartment, it's cold, snow, rain.

State municipalities, international aid have reached the area. In the west, the tectonic plates are different, it has not been heard, but in Istanbul it has been heard. No accurate information is given, but large-scale fluctuations are expected that continue to frighten that people," said Brahaj.

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