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The prisoner in Burrel goes on hunger strike

The prisoner in Burrel goes on hunger strike

A convict, who is serving his sentence in the Burrel high security prison, has been on hunger strike for 5 days. This was announced by the prisoner Valmir Hoxhaj from Malësia e Madhe himself.

In a letter, Hoxhaj states that his transfer to this prison is unfair, as they first transferred him from Peqin prison to Reç in Shkodra, but they only kept him there for 24 hours and then transferred him to Burrel.

The person sentenced to life imprisonment says that this transfer is unfair and that the argument given does not hold since his life is not in danger there, which is one of the reasons for the transfer.

In his letter, Valmir Hoxhaj accuses the management structures of the Reçi prison that, according to him, have violated the law several times by introducing illegal items into the prison, and this would not be easy afterwards.

He calls on the Ministry of Justice, the General Directorate of Prisons and the People's Advocate to react and return him to the Reçi prison where he has his brother and his family, as he declares that his mother is sick, otherwise - he says, will continue the hunger strike until self-sacrifice.

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