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Medicines in Albania are not tested, only the documentation is checked

Medicines in Albania are not tested, only the documentation is checked

None of the medicines available on the Albanian market are tested before being put on the market.

Based on the law on drugs and the pharmaceutical service, the National Drug Center registers the drug only when the effectiveness and safety criteria are met, in accordance with the purpose of use.

But this effectiveness is measured only on the basis of the documentation that the companies themselves submit.

"We are all aware that in Albania the Drug Control Institute does not work in the field of drug control. It has a superficial function in controlling the administration of drug registration. As for the factual control, we are all aware that we have neither the professional nor the instrumental capacities, this is the macro difference regarding Albania and the countries of the region", pharmaceutical expert Ilir Pecnikaj declared for Euronews .

And if we look at the neighboring country, the practice of weed control is a problem that has been solved over the years.

"Macedonia is much ahead of us, in many aspects, it has had its own institute and pharmacopoeia approved by the parliament for 25 years, there is an institute that does the full control of the entire pharmaceutical range, and that is not a few", he said . Pecnikaj.

The national center of drugs based on the law accepts for registration drugs from local manufacturers, drugs registered and circulating in one of the countries of the European Union, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, as well as in the countries of the Western Balkans included in the agreements of ratified for free trade./ Euronews Albania

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