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The former KLA fighter talks about the "mysteries" of the Kučova base: How it will serve for Ukrainian pilots

The former KLA fighter talks about the "mysteries" of the Kučova

Former KLA fighter Dritan Goxhaj declares that Ukrainian pilots cannot train in Albania at the military base of Kuçova, as according to him Albania has nothing to give pilots to Ukraine, since it has no aviation.

He said in Euronews Albania that this base will serve for NATO's rapid reaction force, so it will always be at the service of the alliance and will not be able to be blocked by any other exercise.

" This fantasy would be good, but with fantasy we surpass Hollywood. We don't have aviation, what will we train them with? To recruit and train Ukrainian pilots you must have planes. We have no military forces, no air force. We have only a few transport helicopters and of them only 2 are working, the others have occupied the hangars.

Ukrainian pilots are currently training in Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States of America for F-16 aircraft. Those who have them will give them to the pilots and are training them.

We have nothing to give you and we have nothing to train you for. Kuçova military base, like all military bases that are part of NATO, will be used for NATO training and for the deployment of NATO's rapid reaction force in case of NATO's needs . - said the former KLA fighter.


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