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Karamuço: Two high-ranking police officials, one a close friend of the former deputy prime minister, are wanted

Karamuço: Two high-ranking police officials, one a close friend of the

The criminalistics expert, Ervin Karamuço, revealed details about the SPAK mega-operation that issued 50 arrest warrants for well-known characters of the world of crime.

Invited to "Top Talk", on Top Channel, Karamuço said that in this SPAK operation, two high-ranking officials of the State Police have been arrested.

Without mentioning names, Karamuço said that one of them was a close friend of a former deputy prime minister and that he even had his constant support.

"We are in the frame of "Metamorphosis" was found out by some people, most likely this operation is de-conspiracy, since the information that will have a big action arrived on our phones yesterday. However, we do not prejudge it. A report should be made on how many of them were in Albania and left because of the operation.

They are the names of two police officers, one former senior leader of the Lezhë District, and another in the State Police. There are two, but their names have not been released, I have the impression that they must have been arrested. These are also in the list of 48 names. There are others expected in the days and weeks to come. This is "Metamorphosis 2", and the double is bigger than the single.

With the names involved and the areas in which they have considerable weight, their role is related to politicians. One of them, a policeman there, is known to have had a very strong relationship with a high-ranking politician, up to the deputy prime minister," Karamuço said.


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