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"Time does not wait, the popular hurricane will flood", Maliqi calls for revolution: Do not buy at the businesses of the oligarchs

"Time does not wait, the popular hurricane will flood", Maliqi calls

MP Lefter Maliqi has called on them to rise in a democratic revolution, because according to him, tomorrow will be too late to remove Prime Minister Rama, whom he calls a dictator.

Through a post on social networks, Maliqi asks citizens not to buy or receive services from any company that, according to him, helps install the dictatorship and demands a boycott of oligarchs' businesses.

Lefter Maliqi failed to win the mandate of deputy on April 25, while running under the banner of the SMI in the District of Berat.

Full post:

Remove the Dictator today tomorrow will be too late. Either stand up, or accept the dictatorship; or democratic revolution, or accept the electoral massacre; or mass protests, or accept the rule of crime, oligarchs, gangs and government mafia. Or the popular hurricane to take over the machine of millions of euros that buys votes, dignity, the future of Albanians, or to remain silent before crime, corruption, capture of institutions. Do not buy, do not take service from any company that helps install dictatorship, boycott the businesses of oligarchs. Either freedom and democracy, or submission. Time does not wait! React, get up, or shut up and run!

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