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The "Green Building Council" is created for the first time in Albania

The "Green Building Council" is created for the first time in Albania

Since May 31, 2024, Albania has a "Green Building Council", as an innovation of exceptional importance for the construction sector.

The construction sector is one of the most important sectors of the economy, which should start as soon as possible to apply changes in terms of digitalization, new practices of the green legal framework, reduction of
energy consumption, etc.

The Council is a voluntary organization that brings together construction companies that care about innovation, universities with architecture and construction engineering where scientific research plays a key role, environmental associations that work in the field of climate change, professional associations of the sector, etc.

These founding stakeholders of the Green Building Council will influence that these innovations that are becoming common at the level of the European Union spread intensively in Albania as well.
The "Green Building Council" is being supported by the RECONOMY program through the "Energy Efficiency in the Construction and Renovation Sector in the Western Balkans" project.

The RECONOMY program is a comprehensive green economic development program of the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA), implemented by HELVETAS in partnership with CeproSARD and other Eastern and Western Balkan Partnership countries. This cooperation aims to promote and strengthen the region by adding
economic value to the construction sector, with a focus on energy efficiency products used in the construction sector and training for construction and renovation of buildings.
Project activities are being implemented in the countries of the Western Balkans: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, the Republic of North Macedonia, and Serbia.
On May 31, 2024, the informative and founding activity of this Council was held in Tirana, by over 50 stakeholders, such as construction industry partners, developers, construction companies, design studios, real estate companies, academics, CSOs, individuals and organizations government, with the desire to support and implement changes that will lead the market towards
the use of green practices.

The implementing staff of the project "Energy Efficiency in the Construction and Renovation Sector", from CeproSARD, emphasized the fact that the construction sector is one of the main sectors of the economy that should start applying changes in terms of
digitalization, new practices in line with the framework legal green for building and
reducing energy consumption.

The heads of "Colliers International Albania" and "Build Green Group", as the main founding organizations of the Council, conveyed their very optimistic expectations towards this innovation.

Dean Smolar, the executive director of the "Council for Green Construction" Croatia, presented the benefits it will bring to Albanian society and the construction sector, expansion strategies, etc., emphasizing at the same time the strong support for all the countries of the Western Balkans in their efforts to establish and strengthen Green Building Councils in each country.
The unique contribution of the RECONOMY program is based precisely on the regionality of its interventions. By addressing common problems, engaging actors belonging to the same sector and understanding the systems of these countries, RECONOMY is setting a new standard in regional cooperation.

RECONOMY aims to empower disadvantaged groups through digital and green transformations, with a focus on supporting small and medium-sized businesses and those led by women.

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