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Clear and cloudy, as the weather forecast today

Clear and cloudy, as the weather forecast today

Today in our country, stable air masses are expected to continue, bringing a significant improvement in the situation of atmospheric conditions.

As a result, clear weather and light clouds will dominate the coast and low areas, while more frequent clouds are expected in the southern areas, generating isolated rain and snow.

It is predicted that during the night there will be accumulation of clouds in the whole country, risking temporary precipitation of rain and snow. Air temperatures will rise slightly in the morning hours, but even midday will bring their increase, fluctuating daily values ​​from -2°C to 16°C.

The wind will blow medium to strong at a speed of over 40 km/h from the mostly northern direction, bringing waves of up to 3-4 waves to the coasts of the Adriatic and the Ionian.

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