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"It has become violent" / What is happening with Britney Spears?

"It has become violent" / What is happening with Britney Spears?

Popular artist Britney Spears is showing no signs of improvement. This is the latest development in her life.

The TMZ publication cites reports that are not optimistic about her future.

"Britney Spears is increasingly at risk of harming herself," the sources said, adding that "it was a huge mistake to end her foster care." The same medium mentions several people from Spears' life who express strong concern for her fate. The same say that the singer "returned to drugs again".

"Her mental health has been declining since the end of foster care. "He often does not take the medication that stabilizes him, drinks and uses various drugs, which is especially dangerous because he has substance abuse problems that have sent him to the detox center many times," they say about Britney.

According to TMZ: “She has radical mood swings and often erupts in rages that end in physical violence. There are times when it is impossible to communicate with her, because she cannot engage in a rational conversation."

All indications are that Spears is unable to take care of herself.

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