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Opportunity for Albanians? Liz Truss' immigration plans call for foreigners to be recruited to Britain

Opportunity for Albanians? Liz Truss' immigration plans call for foreigners

Great Britain will move towards expanding immigration policies in order to invest in the local labor market.

The Guardian revealed the plan of the new Prime Minister Liz Truss, which focuses on filling job vacancies in order to stimulate the economy. According to The Guardian, such a decision by Truss will not be welcomed by MPs and government ministers.

The British Prime Minister plans to increase the number of workers allowed to enter the UK. The news has been confirmed by government sources to The Guradian.

Reports claim the government will lift the cap on seasonal agricultural workers and engineers and make other changes to the shortage occupations list, which will allow key sectors to recruit more overseas staff.

Truss is said to be keen to recruit broadband engineers to make broadband fully available to 85% of UK homes by 2025. It has also been suggested that it could ease English language requirements in some sectors for enable more foreign workers to qualify for visas.

Ministers are debating whether to allow in more highly educated workers from around the world. This includes proposals for a new visa for workers who have graduated from one of the world's top 50 or top 100 universities.

Two million UK job vacancies were announced last month, with the social care sector scrambling to fill 105,000 posts. There is also a shortage of 40,000 nurses and 100,000 drivers. The agricultural industry has also requested an additional 30,000 visas for seasonal workers.

There are almost 1.8 million non-EU nationals working in Britain, 302,000 more than a year ago, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Home Office figures show that the number of visas granted to all workers, students and their relatives, both EU and non-EU, has risen by more than 80% in a year to more than 1.1 million, the largest number on record.

Meanwhile, more than 30,000 people seeking asylum in the UK have crossed the Channel in small boats, government figures show.

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