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"He gave us a price to do an operation"/ How the doctors at Oncology used to bargain with life

"He gave us a price to do an operation"/ How the doctors at Oncology

New details have been revealed regarding the Oncology scandal, as a result of which 8 measures of house arrest and mandatory appearance have been issued for the staff of this hospital.

In the file provided by the journalist Klodiana Lala for BalkanWeb, conversations are also evident where there is talk of figures that patients are forced to pay in order to receive the service of an operation.

Mustafa: Doc, how are you? NA is the mother of a friend of mine will receive on the phone. Can you solve it for me?
Emiljano: What did the doctor say, did you finish work?
Mustafa: The doctor said we need to do an operation as soon as possible, he gave us a price to do the operation, it costs 3500 euros, but for Emiljano he said 3000.
Emiljano: Ok, he will do the operation, scan, did he do a scan?
Mustafa: We will also do the scanner, let's try it, we will go to Peshkopi to do the general scanner and see if he took the body part and it is only there.
Emiljano: Well, that is important, don't bother spending any more lek

On 12.02.2024 at 19:14

Emiljano: How do you get money from him?

Edmond Gashi: He laughs and they tell him he doesn't know I'm in the hall
Emiljano: It's not like that, it's the second time, get me out of the way. Edmond
Gashi: We will check it. He's for surgery
Emiljano: Yes, I told him the visit is free
Gashi: We'll fix it, the doctor will fix it, tell him he's going to put him in surgery
Emiljano: I put it in for nothing, how bad, take me out

On 12/02/2024 at 19:16

Emiljano: He told me to apologize, I will give him a minus at the surgery because I forgot

phone number: Emiljano, he had the surgery for 4 million lek, 5 I said yes to you 4.
Emiljano: It's a lot, but come on Wednesday and we'll see and talk.

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