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Intervention in TIMS, Dervishi: They almost took out their pistols to kill

Intervention in TIMS, Dervishi: They almost took out their pistols to kill

Journalist Ferdinand Dervishi has shown details of the intervention in the TIMS system.

Invited to the "Opinion" studio, Dervishi said that the intervention was made for 20 hours and that the situation could almost resemble a clash with weapons.

According to the journalist, civilians were taken because the employees refused to interfere with the data of the Albanians.

"I made a post on Facebook on August 4, 2023. The event happened on August 2 and 3. Of course, they put those links to the police and they told me that something very big had happened. It started sometime in the early afternoon of the 2nd and continued until 10 o'clock the next day making 20 hours. There was an official reaction that said it is not true. The truth was there. For 20 hours, the State Police intervened in the TIMS system, where the people who wanted to protect the property of the Albanians and the data of the Albanians and the people who were trying to get them. People were taken from abroad because the police officers themselves refused to cooperate.

Civilians have been taken from abroad and one of them who has been taken has a very serious criminal record in Italy and what is now under investigation has been carried out. We don't know specifically what was stolen, but we know that there was an attempt according to the documents that have already come out to copy with selection in the TIMS system, which demolishes the idea of ​​backup..." , said Dervishi.

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